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Will I ever be Stress Free??


“Do you believe in stress?”
“Do you think my pain is caused by stress?” “Will I never not be stressed??”
“Is it all in my head??”

I seem to be getting these “stress” questions more often lately…

Pain is multidimensional – meaning there are multiple factors that can result in pain. STRESS is just one of them. .
Stress can be physical, mechanical, emotional, and/or social. .
Dr. Greg Lehman couldn’t say it better: “Pain occurs when we fail to tolerate and adapt to all the stressors in our life.”

“Pain is more about sensitivity than damage.” 

We have been taught things like disc bulges, small muscle tears, degenerative changes are the reason behind pain and why we feel pain. So, in our minds they become scary things. 
However, most of us humans are walking around with one of the above tissue changes. And have NO PAIN!
A sensitizing agent – such as:

⭐️physical stress

⭐️avoiding certain movements

⭐️poor social life

⭐️mental trauma

⭐️poor sleep/ diet

⭐️negative beliefs about pain

⭐️emotional healh …can all make us more sensitive and therefore lead to pain. 

The good thing is… we can adapt!

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