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pregnant woman getting a massageAt Empire Health and Wellness, we want to empower women to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. That’s why Dr. Shannon chose to become a certified Birthfit professional. According to the organization’s website, “Giving birth may be the most athletic event of your life.”

We agree!

Providing One-on-One Support

While helping moms-to-be train for birth is a major part of Birthfit’s mission, they also focus on helping women postpartum. After all, pregnancy is a time of enormous physical and emotional changes. Dr. Shannon not only can help you have a smooth pregnancy but support you after you give birth.

A Focus on the Core

One of Birthfit’s focus is on the core—how all of these different muscles have to work together to create optimal core stabilization and something called intra abdominal pressure. This is done by retraining your breath and then going through these various movement patterns to efficiently work on that piece.

Offering Exercises

Dr. Shannon can walk moms-to-be through specific exercises that are similar to rehab training and movement. The exercises are based on developmental kinesiology. “It’s like getting back to the basics of how we were born to move. As humans, we’re just a lot more static. We sit all day, whether in the car, on the train or at our computer. We’re just not as mobile as I feel like we were designed to be,” she said.

Online Classes & Education Available

Birthfit offers both a prenatal and postpartum program online. This feature is ideal for women who don’t have time to go to a physical location to get support. Birthfit also provides podcasts, webinars and ebooks to equip moms-to-be with the knowledge they need before, during and after pregnancy.

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For more information, go to the Birthfit website or contact our practice to book an appointment with Dr. Shannon!


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